Wild River Life tour destinations planned for 2017 (blue pins) and 2018 (orange pins).

Follow Adam & Susan’s Wild River Life as they paddle and explore 50 Wild & Scenic rivers to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Wild & Scenic Rivers Act.

From the Missisiquoi to the Verde, the Chattooga to the Eleven Point, the Salmon to the Niobrara, the couple will engage with the managers, locals, and organizations to collect stories and images that showcase the value of these protected waterways.


Moving into a renovated 1991 Coachman Catalina Sport

Through partnerships, social media dispatches, a future book (?!?), and more, the Wild River Life seeks to engage the public, mobilize efforts for future Wild & Scenic designations, and provide resources to explore these special rivers easier.


Where will they be?

Adam and Susan are currently connecting with locals, outfitters and conservation organizations to as they tour across the west coast for 2017!  Of course, there are a few rivers on the bucket list, but the couple is looking for new friends to support this comprehensive exploration of Wild & Scenic Rivers.

Are you organizing a river trip or group outing on a Wild & Scenic River? Adam and Susan would like to join you!

Floating down the lower Deschutes River in Oregon.

Floating down the lower Deschutes River in Oregon.

Join us!

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