50wsRivers-24Susan Elliott

Susan loves enabling river recreation. She has instructed kayaking to kids, adults and young adult cancer survivors on rivers from Pennsylvania to Mexico to Washington to China. She has taught raft guide schools in the Pacific Northwest and river-based science lessons with World Class Kayak Academy.  Through stories for magazines and industry blogs she has shared river adventures, stewardship actions and conservation initiatives with the public. Recently, Susan authored and managed the creation of a river recreation management plan in China’s first National Park, SanJiangYuan, surrounding the headwaters of the Mekong River.  She infused Wild & Scenic River conservation history with a broad review of international river protection initiatives. She has also recently completed a Masters degree in River Engineering at Oregon State University, equipping her with a deeper expertise of the function and necessity of free-flowing river systems.  


50wsRivers-20Adam Elliott

Adam grew up guiding in the Grand Canyon and went on to study design management and product development.  As the Guide Manager for China’s Last Descents River Expeditions, Adam manages river logistics in Mandarin and contributes to a business strategy founded in preserving river wilderness in a place where Wild & Scenic Rivers do not yet exist.  Adam is the primary visual engine in the Elliott’s river media endeavors, capturing photos and video as they visit rivers across the world. Additionally, his graphic design expertise allowed helped him craft detailed river tourism maps for the river tourism management proposal with Last Descents River Expeditions.  He is an expedition photographer and instructor, a media maker and great cook. Adam contributes a passion for challenging whitewater, rich wilderness experiences and beautiful photos and video. He also does a mean dutch oven hatch chile casserole, fresh guac’ and margaritas. 


Our adventure side-kick, Wallace can usually be found obsessively staring at a ball or stick, sitting happily in the sunshine, or snuggling on Susan’s lap in the raft.



More information on Susan and Adam’s background of river conservation work, river guiding and instruction, and project management can be found here.


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