Taking our perspective to beneath the water surface is what Freshwaters Illustrated does best.  They specialize in telling the stories of rivers, watersheds and communities using beautiful cinematography, much of which is filmed underwater.

We joined Jeremy and Dave for a day of paddling and filming so that they could get have b-roll footage of recreating above the water’s surface, and so that we could make our introductory video for the Wild River Life tour.

We headed to the Clackamas River, a local favorite for boaters in the Portland, OR metro region. The river flows into the summer and generally all winter with easy sections for beginners and steeper headwaters runs for those challenging themselves.  The river drains a flank of Mt. Hood, where all the rivers are protected as Wild & Scenic within the National Forest. Thus, the Clackamas ranks high in intact watersheds outside urban areas.

River Name Clackamas, OR
River section Fish Creek to Bob’s
Total Miles  2.5
Wild and Scenic Count 2
Dates October 18, 2015